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Rosaria is able to fill physical carry, Cryo carry, and several supporting roles. She opens herself up to a lot of doors for players looking for a versatile character. While she may not output the same level of damage as a 5-star character with the same level of investment and for those players who have been unfortunate in their 5 star wishing endeavors, Rosaria can certainly find a place in one of your existing teams.

rosaria team comp

Rosaria Team #1 – Freeze Team

In future teams, we’ll see that Rosaria’s damage is a bit split between our physical and Cryo damage and we can’t really increase either to their maximum. This team changes that because of Chongyun who is absolutely vital to this team. Chongyun’s skill infuses Rosaria’s basic attack with Cryo so that now both the 15% cryo boost she gets from the Blizzard Strayer set and the cryo damage bonus from her cup now apply to her basic attack as well. So, these increases aren’t negligible for more than half of her attacks. Chunyun also has the added benefit of increasing the attack speed of any Sword, Claymore, or Polearm users within his skills. Rosaria is the second-highest scaling polearm user only behind Xiao. That being said, she’s also quite a slow attacker in this class. So, finding ways to increase her attack speed will allow us to take full advantage of her impressive scaling while not falling behind in damage to her slow attack performance.

rosaria perma freeze team
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The synergy here is also fully realized pairing her with a hydro character. Xingqui is the best option here with the best uptime and arguably the best damage. Mona is the best alternative as we can take advantage of the Omen combo. For more information on that, check out our Ganyu Omen combo guide where we break down how the combo exactly works.

A hydro character will be important to have so that we can be constantly freezing enemies. One for crowd control and two so that we can have as close to 100% uptime on Blizzard Strayer’s full 40% crit rate so Rosaria hits hard as often as possible. With our main reaction being Freeze, we’re almost always having Cryo applied to our enemies. The Cryo resonance from Chonyun is perfectly at home here. Just remember that the crit rate from Blizzard Strayer set does not get pass down to your other character from her ascension 4 passive.

Lastly, we want an Anemo character for a 4-piece Viridescent Venerer set to reduce our enemy resistance to Cryo. Since the only reactions here are Freeze and Swirl, Cryo will always be applied so we don’t have to worry about swirling the wrong element. Jean is the best option here since we are in need of a healer though you could argue that since enemies will be frozen most of the time Xinqui will actually be enough of a healer if you’re using him on this team. It’s a bit riskier on Abyss Floors but subbing out Xinqui for Barbara could make room for an alternative Anemo character such as Venti, Sucrose, or the traveler.

Rosaria Team #2 – Melt/Reverse Melt

Rosaria’s Perma freeze team isn’t the only way that we can utilize her Cryo damage of course. We can also use her on a Melt/reverse Melt comp. The benefit of this team is obviously that we can see some pretty big critical hits over the Perma freeze team which can hit crits very consistently but without an amplifying reaction they’ll be more steady than explosive. The reason is that we want to be reverse-melting her larger scaling attacks. Eating up all of that Pyro application with the lower scaling basic attacks in this instance actually hurts our overall damage so Kaeya is the preferred choice.

rosaria melt reserver melt team
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Ganyu is also an excellent choice here as a Cryo sub-DPS as her burst will increase both her and Rosaria’s Cryo damage output but Kaeya does initially scale better and can reapply cryo quicker due to the internal cooldown differences. He also has a shorter cooldown on his skill which can lead to either faster Cryo application for Melts from our Pyro character or reverse melts for himself.

Our best two Pyro options will be Bennett and Xiangling. Bennet is the most necessary of the two being both our healer and best pyro applicator. Both his skill and burst apply Pyro at two gauges which can be reverse melted a total of 4 times if done fast enough.

Xiangling only applies one gauge of Pyro but she’s the best at applying it while off the field which is why she’s the next alternative. Gouba isn’t the best at this so if another Pyro character comes around in the future with better off-field support, she’ll probably be replaced but pyronado is the reason to use her on this team. Especially after unlocking her fourth constellation increasing the duration to 14 seconds and opening up a big window for some big melt crits. There are several alternatives to her however.

Hu Tao’s blood blossoms can reapply Pyro and her burst does apply two gauges. Klee falls under the same category, she doesn’t do a lot of off-field damage besides her mines but her skill does apply 2 gauges of Pyro on every hit which can spawn large instances of reverse melt if you time your skills right. Amber is definitely the most free of all the options applying 2 gauges of Pyro from both her skill and burst though since Xiangling is also a free character and is better with off-field application. In the end, this team truly functions as a quick swap team. There isn’t really one solid “main dps”, all of your characters will really help to set each other up and take advantage of reactions simultaneously.

Rosaria Team #3 – Crescent Pike Physical

Lastly, Rosaria’s main DPS role is her physical build and this heavily revolves around Crescent Pike. The reasoning behind splitting Rosaria’s damage between physical and Cryo doesn’t make a whole lot of sense due to both the main attack and the passive damage scaling with physical damage and critical damage. Cresent pike is the single best weapon for any physical polearm user significantly better than even any of the 5-star alternatives. With that being said how do we optimize this team around Rosaria?

rosaria physical build team
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Fischl will be the best electro applicator while off the field especially at constellation 6. Without it, there is a much better argument for Beidou since here burst and skill will be much more likely to hit your primary target over Oz until he targets with you at Constellation 6.

Jumping over to our healer, you may be quick to point out that since superconduct will eat our Cryo application, Cryo resonance will not have a consistent 100% uptime and that may be true but there are two main factors for me choosing Diona as a healer despite that fact.

The first is that even if Cryo resonance isn’t up 100% of the time, it will be up a percentage of the time which will increase our crit rate which is very important for any build trying to make the most out of Crescent Pike. The other reason is elemental contamination as i’ll call it here. I want to ensure that our reactions are constantly sparking superconduct triggers and not anything else that Rosaria can do the most damage possible.

Our last slot is a bit of a flex slot. Currently i’m using Zhongli when i play this team for his shield but also of course for his constant 20% physical resistance shred while his shield is active. He also benefits from the same aspect as Diona. He can’t really contaminate our reactions at least to the same level as other character with stronger gauges. Either a Geo or Hydro unit will be best here as both of these elements can react with either Cryo or Electro and still leave the original element on the enemy.

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