Best Team Comps For Keqing

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In this Genshin Impact character guide, I’ll help you build the best team composition of your favorite character Keqing. We’ll be focusing on this electric swordswoman and my second favorite character in the game.

Keqing Overview

Keqing is an Electrotype and specializes in lightning-fast attacks and the unique stats that she gets from ascension is crit damage percentage. So being able to crit consistently will be a big source of damage output.

Her elemental skill turns her basic attack into electro damage and this allows her flexibility in terms of builds. We have to take both her element and kit into heavy consideration when we build a comp around her. Our goal is to find a team that can set her up for success and amplifies her damage as much as possible.

I won’t go too much into Keqing’s build since we already have a separate guide on how to build Keqing. You can build her in two ways: electro or auto. Generally, electro builds do more AoE and prioritize elemental reaction damage while auto builds are great for single target and mobile enemies. I’ll be providing team comps for both builds so that you can pick the playstyle you like the most.

Elemental Reactions

Before we even begin picking certain characters to fill into our composition we need to look at what elemental reactions we want to consistently trigger. You should spend some time figuring out what each elemental reaction does by checking out our elemental reaction guide.

Electro Build

For the electro build, we want to focus on Electrocharge and Overload. Electrocharge builds off your electrical damage and bounces around wet enemies and an AoE. Overload has the highest single target damage output within all electro reactions. Swirl allows you to group for Keqing’s burst and helps to spread Electrocharge and Overload among mobs. It’s a very good reaction to fit into your party.

Auto Attack Build

We want to focus only on Superconduct because it reduces the enemy’s physical resistance and allows our basic attacks to hit harder.

Element User Priority

Swirl isn’t really relevant since this build is all about single target damage so if we’re looking at elemental reactions in the vacuum the priority for the electro build is Hydro/Pyro and then Anemo. We do not want any cryo for the electro build. The priority for the auto-build is well, Cryo.

Elemental Resonance

In addition to elemental reactions, we need to take a quick look at elemental resonance that is having redundant elements in a single party. For electro Keqing, two resonance points are good.

High Voltage gives you a hundred percent electro particles/orbs when you trigger an Electro reaction. Taking advantage of ascension rank 4 passive which gives you extra energy recharge after you cast your burst. This resonance will help you fill your burst meter very quickly. You will almost always be able to spam your burst on cooldown.

Fervent Flames gives you a flat 25 attack boost to your party. This is just generally a very solid resonance that can fit in almost any comp depending on the circumstances. You can even take both to your party and I have some comps that do.

For auto Keqing, only one resonance point is viable. Shattering Ice increases your crit rate against cryo-affected users by 15%. I didn’t include Fervent Flames in here because in the auto Keqing builds, you don’t want to inflict any other elemental reactions outside of Superconduct.

Electro Keqing Teams

Let’s look at the best builds for electro Keqing.

Keqing Team #1

For this comp, you group enemies into a giant AoE Electrocharged vortex, and then you laugh as mobs get shredded in seconds.

Mona’s secondary carry will provide a lot more damage to the combo as well as a consistently inflicting Electrocharge. I don’t have Beidou listed as a great official alternative since Fischl’s turrets always get you a lot more electrical energy regen which pairs super well with Keqing’s ascension rank 4 passive. You will always have your ultimate ready to go and be able to spam it on cooldown.

Although Beidou’s burst is great for inflicting electro immediately, Keqing doesn’t need any help with that because her elemental skill is already a very low cooldown and makes all of her attacks electro.

Keqing Team #2

If you don’t have Venti, Sucrose or Jean would do fine here. This is similar to the concept in comp #1. However, you’re inflicting overload instead of Electrocharge. This is the budget version for the best in the slot but does a lot of damage so don’t underestimate it.

Keqing Team #3

If you don’t have venti, you can replace that with Sucrose or Jean. This is pretty much comp #1 however, I believe this one is worse than comp #2 since Xingqui and Barbara really have low value in this comp. Their only job here is to apply wet. Xingqui’s burst pairs well with Keqing’s quick basic attacks but the problem I have with Xingqui is his absurdly long cooldowns whereas in comp #2 Bennett or Xiangling can inflict overload but they also have a ton of utility outside of that and can get their rotations out much more frequently.

Keqing Team #4

This comp picks up double resonance to give you more energy and an attack percentage boost. With short cooldowns on all your supports, you’d be able to generate turrets and buffs to help Keqing keep up DPS and inflicting elemental reactions.

This is less effective against mobs due to the lack of an Anemo user but you’re able to focus fire down single target enemies really quickly.

Honestly in this comp, a combo sequence isn’t very needed because you’re relying a lot on weaving those basic attacks in and then spamming your cooldowns as much as possible.

Keqing Team #5

This is a free-to-play build specifically barbara with thrilling tales refinement rank 5. You’re taking Amber here for the attack percentage from the resonance and then as long as you abuse Barbara’s item as well as Xiangling’s pepper at ascension rank 4 to keep buffing Keqing. This comp will help Keqing do the most damage as possible in a free-to-play setting.

This team definitely hits the weakest out of all the comps I’ve identified but you’ll be able to sustain through prolonged fights with Barbara and being able to keep rotating through buffs will make sure that Keqing is basically buffed for the entire duration of an engagement.

Phys DMG Keqing Team #6

This is my best in the slot for Physical Keqing. Cryo resonance allows us a 15% crit rate and along with ascension rank 4, Keqing gets a total of 30% increased crit rate after she uses her burst. This combined with the buff from Thrilling Tales gives Keqing a huge steroid to shred any single enemy in her path.

Kaeya is a cryo spam bot and Qiqi can provide both cryo and help sustain Keqing. Lisa is there just to be a Thrilling tales holder and also allow us to regenerate Keqing’s burst just a bit faster so we can utilize it for the buff since auto Keqing doesn’t have great energy regen to begin with.

This is a very important note, do not run Chongyun. His ice field turns your basic attacks into cryo damage which defeats the entire purpose of the Superconduct build. As with all auto Keqing builds we need to make sure to only use E to inflict Superconduct. Do not press E again or your damage will turn into electro. Rather you will need to use your charge attack to break the E.

For auto builds in general there isn’t a combo sequence to follow. The playstyle revolves around spamming cryo abilities and inflicting it with Keqing either Q or the first half of E for Superconduct and then going through a full Keqing auto-attack sequence.

Phys DMG Keqing Team #7
Geo MC

This comp is my free-to-play for Physical Keqing and features Kaeya, Geo Traveler, and barbara with Thrilling Tales refinement rank 5.

This is the best free-to-play version for Physical Keqing in my opinion. I’d much rather build electro Keqing as a free-to-play because this build is definitely a lot more sub-optimal.

Barbara replaces Lisa as a Thrilling Tales holder because we do need some sustain. Geo Traveler is there to be your burst support. It helps give shields that will give Keqing an auto-attack boost.

Like the previous comp, there isn’t a combo sequence to follow. Just spam Kaeya’s elemental skill on cooldown to inflict Superconduct with Keqing. Whenever you run out of Superconduct look for traveler poke with his E and make sure that whenever Thrilling Tail’s cooldown is back up, you switch from Barbara to Keqing to give her the auto-attack boost.

Wrapping It Up!

I’d really like to hear from you guys as to what your favorite team is so far. Again let me know which of these comps you’re most excited about trying and if you have any results from these comps make sure to let me know below.

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I use keqing xiangling kaeya and anemo traveller
Sometimes replacing kaeya with Barbara and Noelle depending on if one is needed.
Using mostly xiangling e and keqing e to keep up overload with using their bursts when they get ready.

I use Keqing(elemental mastery focused)+ Yanfei(for qeking ele reaction) + kaeya +barbara(for healing+frozen), thoughts about this build?

I’m using keqing, xiangling, xingxiu, and ayaka idk why but i want ayaka on my team(〒﹏〒)

And you know what’s so crazy abt my team? I literally freeze my enemies with xingxiu first and then ayaka and then the next second my freakinn gouba just unfreeze the enemies and i slap them all off with keqings burst that crits a little bit. Like average I can’t say I’m satisfied with it tho cuz i want her to crit higherrr. Pleaseee I’m sorry if my team is soo wierd, but i want others opinion about this matter.

Is Keqing, Xiangling, Fischl, and Kokomi good?

Im using keqing xingqui xiangling and noelle is this a good team

I can agree to that

I have keqing, yanfei,changyun and barbara as team,is it good?

Same with me, I like using yanfei to overload but I need to be fast when changing characters, but I think it’s better to combo Keqing with barbara.

I have kequing , chongyun , Barbara , nolle , xiangling , rosarai , kaeya , amber , diona , sayu , Bennet , sucrose , Lisa. Which character combo did I use. I need to build around kequing but I don’t able to select better character. Any Other Suggestions?

keqing perma freeze is usable and very strong!!
try use this:
• Keqing (4-Blizzard Strayer)
• Xingqiu
• Kaeya
• Diona (4-Noblesse Oblige)

Sorry, I didn’t see you had Chongyun.
In this case he has a better performing role than Kaeya

I use keqing kujousara xiangling and rosaria is it good?

It’s not the best idea because keqing is best with control so yes Sara is good for buffing but the pyro from xiangling and cryo from rosaria will make it harder bc thats 2 opposite reactions due to xiangling making offfield DPS easy with there burst what will trigger overload what is good for electro keqing, rosaria burst is constant cryo what it better for physical keqing assuming the cryo and pyro don’t meet triggering melt what is useless to keqing, I would recommend bennett or keaya depending if you want electro or physical

I use keqing, xiangling, fischl/diona, xingqiu.

Is keqing , beidou, kokomi and venti a good team? I dont have fischl so instead i used beidou and as hydro support kokomi will do better than Xinqiu.

It’s a nice team, xingqui would be better because then you can do supercharged by xingqui burst then venti burst then a normal ATK with venti will trigger xingqui burst doing bits of hydro damage and inflicting hydro meaning you will swirl and constantly apply hydro then you use keqing burst for easy damage I also would recommend Sara instead of beidou your then add Sara burst between venti normal and keqing burst to maximize your damage

I use Keqing, Kujou Sara, Xinqiu and Qiqi. Works really good.

my team with keqing is keqing, barbara, razor, and xingqiu. im ar35 so i dont a lot of good 4star characters but i was thinking of replacing barbara with yanfei or xiangling.

Razor and keqing are not the best mix due to them both being a demanding main DPS, I would recommend swapping razor for a electro support or ameno support and then doing a electro-charged team and with Barbara as healer xingqui as hydro support ameno for swirl then keqing for DPS

I use Keqing, Ayaka, C1 Bennett and Venti as my main team LOLz

is keqing, zhongli, c1 xingqiu and bennet a good team comp? pls help

that’s same with me, but i still try with another team (Keqing Zhongli Xiangling Bennet) it’s similar output damage with my first team

my team is keqing, albedo, ayaka/raiden and bennett!
is that team an ok comp? :,D

hellooo any party suggestions? i have keqing (obviously) and all the 4 star characters + kazuha, mona, and qiqi!! thanks in advance <3

If you have kazuha you should really use him with her, slap a Bennet and Xiangling

My Team is Keqing, Qiqi, Kazuha and Childe

Hi! can someone HELP. i cant decide my party setup. please help. i have, keqing, diona, lisa, xiangling, barbara, kaeya, yanfei, amber, noelle, aloy and beidou. PLEASE

Hmmm.. I would probably do keqing, barbara diona and xiangling but idk.that way you have two close range, one long range, and a mid range attacking character, as well as 2 healers and a shielder. but build barabara with the seashell artifacts so she has some dps

Almost same and my party..
Im use keqing main dps, barbara support healler, xiangling and kaeya

I recommend, keqing, diona, kaeya, xiangling. When entering combat, Diona E, Kaeya E, Keqing E + auto , Xiangling E, then keqing E and Q if available. I recommend this one so Diona can spam her burst for heals with Kaeya as battery/sub dps, then Kaeya and Xiangling’s Q can be carried over to Keqing for elemental reactions.

my keqing team comp is hutao keqing xingqiu diona

Can someone give me team suggestions (I have keqing, noelle, sucrose, diona, beidou, chongyun, aloy, xiangling, xingqiu, traveler*geo*, barbara, and ofc the starter characters*lisa, kaeya, and amber*)

I would go with Keqing Xinqiu Xiangling and beidou or sucrose whoever you have more fun with or is stronger

However if possible try to get a healer like bennett

I’ve been playing with Keqing and she’s been carrying me since the Liyue Archon quest, safe to say Pyro units are the doom of Keqing if you don’t have a specially planned attack pattern that has an extremely far reach

Last edited 2 years ago by Anonymous

Suggest Keqing + healer / shielder + cc + Kaeya / Xingqiu (depends on Superconduct or Electrocharged). Bennett doesn’t apply Pyro too constantly so he can fit into the healer unit if you pull him in the future

Hi i want good team for me i have a (keqing and noeull and barbara and amber and moona and yanfei and changun and xinxiu

For second acc I am building Keqing(dps),Kaeya, Barbara and Noelle. Noelle are important for me since I dont have Zhongli. She can fight, heal and shield.

Dose anyone have any advice , these are the characters I have (I’m f2p) :
Keqing , kokimi , sucros , xiangling , chongyun , bediou , nolle , then the basic characters I’m not to sure what to do for my party at the moment I have keqing main dps sucros support xiangling. Idk kokimi hel

Try using Noelle (shield and healing), keqing (dps), xiangling and sucrose

Keqing, kokomi, xiangling and chongyun

hello. you should use keqing main dps and kokomi and sucrose support. idk about the last character tho, it’s up to your playstyle ig. i use the same team rn focusing on electrocharged reaction. it’s really fun! u should give it a try :DD

I like this one but I would add xiangling. sucrose plus xiangling are my go to pair even though I have a lot of builtt 5 stars. They’re really fun and doe awesome together

i dont have venti can i use sucrose instead cause sucrose is my damage dealer anemo user

My team as main Keqing.Kequing main dps,bennet suppprt,zhong li support and Mona burst dps and plus monas ultimate gives my team 56% more DMG.

Last edited 2 years ago by Wolflorf

as a keqing main i think that keqing, zhongli, xingqiu and bennett is the best team for electro and if you’re going physical just replace xingqiu with either xinyan(pyro res+phys def shred) or a cryo character like kaeya or diona. Ideally you would want to use kaeya since his cryo application is much better than diona and other cryo chatacters.

yes.. But sadly I Don’t have Zhongli…أ‿أ

I use that, but Mona instead of xingqiu

im using keqing barbara xianling and ficshl as my team and thats help a lot

Ey that’s also my team with keqing.

Now, I want Keqing to be my off-team carry, so this one is quite useful but at the same time not very useful to me at all. My best bet would be to use the Physical damage build for her, as I have all the characters listed in the first physical damage comp. However, I’d probably end up replacing Lisa with Fischl, since the proc would be more consistent.
Thing is… I just like using Keqing’s second Skill activation, so I am stuck between this comp, which I could fully build, or an attempt at building one of the first 3. The problem here being, I don’t have Mona or Bennett and Xinqui is force bound to Hu Tao on my main comp.
Can I just swap Mona for Barbara or Bennett for either Xinyan, Xianling, or heck, even Diluc?
Because I am not sure if that would even work.

I think the guide (for the lack of a better work) is good, but I feel like you should, instead of creating the 1st and 3rd, you should create the first one and then give a substitute for a character below the one you’d think is best (A good example for this was used by the Hu Tao teamguide). It gets a bit confusing if you have the problem of “Can I maybe exchange this character for this one instead?”

PS: Yes, this isn’t technically an actual problem. I could just use the physical comp to not have this problem. I just want to know if I can do an elemental comp for her or not with what I have!

uhmm my former team is keqing, chongyun, venti and barbara.. and now i replaced barbara with bennett. is it okay or i should bring back barbara?

it is fine though bennet will be helpfull in dragonspine

Damn dude, I literally main keqing and my team is xingqu,xiao, and Jean I was thinking about replacing Xinqu with QIQI cause for an ftp player I need to use my five stars. Will this team work???

I’m gonna tell you this right now: if you rely more on electro reactions with Keqing, don’t replace Xingqiu with Qiqi. Superconduct should really only be used to trigger reactions if you’re maining a physical damage dps Keqing, and honestly, Qiqi isn’t the best character to spam superconduct reactions with anyhow. If you do main physical Keqing, pleasepleaseplease don’t use Qiqi to trigger superconduct reactions for that lowered physical resistance. There are better f2p options (namely Kaeya) who have lower skill cooldown and better application than Qiqi does.
Just because a character is a 5*, doesn’t make them good.
Xingqiu is practically an honorary 5* who’s up there with Bennett as far as how versatile and good he is. He’s godly for reactions (electro-charged is the best electro reaction as it deals consistent, persisting reaction damage between wet enemies and it can potentially stun-lock enemies as well, instead of sending them flying like overloaded or just lowering their physical resistance like superconduct), and not all 5* are necessarily better than 4*s. Qiqi is strictly a healer, and Jean is a far better healer than Qiqi is.
Your current team is pretty pog! As long as you manage your dps units’ field time right (since it looks like you’ve got two: Keqing and Xiao), your team should be good as is.
Hope this helps!

my dream team is Keqing, Klee, Venti, and Qiqi. Do you think this works?

even though it’s only 5 stars which may seem good, having klee and keqing in the same team makes klee a dead weight since off field she provides nothing to the team, same with keqing so i would replace klee with zhongli or an off field like fishcl depending on how you plan to play keqing

I use a keqing/bennet/xingqui/chongyun(or rotate 4th slot) and I get tons of elemental reactions. If you put energy recharge on xinque and get his CD down hes fine. Ult him, charge on keqing and ur good to go

I’m building the first team, but how about the healing?
The main strategy is to use a weapon like Black Sword and use other character just for skill and element, than switching on Keqing again right?

I have Keqing (lv 90) and Xingqiu (lv 80) in a team and do good damage with them. I recently pulled Mona and I’m not sure if I should level her up. Is the difference between Mona and Xingqiu really that big or is that more preference?

If your xingqiu’s constellation is less than c6 or c4 then its better to go for mona. Also since keqing’s ult is aoe, then mona’s ult may support her for electro-charge reaction. Xingqiu is good as well. however, compared to Mona’s AOE he can only direct his skill to 1 mob.

you can always make keqing xingqiu is a must i say in keqing build because you constantly proc electro charged furthermore thundersoother xingqiu is good with keqing as they both synergize well by making reaction late game you mostly want keqing xingqiu bennet and fischl mona can interchange fischl but i prefer fischl for the electro resonance giving energy particle to your keqing