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I have Keqing (lv 90) and Xingqiu (lv 80) in a team and do good damage with them. I recently pulled Mona and I’m not sure if I should level her up. Is the difference between Mona and Xingqiu really that big or is that more preference?

If your xingqiu’s constellation is less than c6 or c4 then its better to go for mona. Also since keqing’s ult is aoe, then mona’s ult may support her for electro-charge reaction. Xingqiu is good as well. however, compared to Mona’s AOE he can only direct his skill to 1 mob.

you can always make keqing xingqiu is a must i say in keqing build because you constantly proc electro charged furthermore thundersoother xingqiu is good with keqing as they both synergize well by making reaction late game you mostly want keqing xingqiu bennet and fischl mona can interchange fischl but i prefer fischl for the electro resonance giving energy particle to your keqing