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In this Genshin Impact team composition guide, we will be covering the uncrowned pirate queen Beidou. She is a claymore user that focuses on the counter playing your opponents with massive electro damage. Her elemental skill is unique to only her since she can cash in on absorbing and effectively reflecting attacks for insane burst damage.

Her burst gives you additional resistances and adds electro discharges to your basic attacks. The unique stat that she gets from ascension is electro dmg %. We have to take her skill set into heavy consideration when we build a team around her.

As a disclaimer, I don’t like character and team builds that funnels everything into her reflect damage because there are times where that becomes unreliable as a source of DPS. I like versatility when it comes to playing her as a DPS, with the E damage as an option rather than something you have to depend on. Thus, I can’t really recommend you build weapons like Rainslasher on her, since it’s comparably worse to other claymores.

Elemental Reaction And Resonance

Before we even begin picking certain characters to fill into our composition, we need to look at what elemental reactions we want to consistently trigger. For Beidou, we want to primarily focus on electro charge and superconduct.

Beidou Elemental Reaction And Resonance

  • Electrocharge builds off your electro damage and bounces around wet enemies in an AoE.
  • Superconduct does a bit of damage in an AoE and reduces the enemy’s physical resistance by 40%.

I’ll note that I don’t like the superconduct Beidou build that much because she scales with electro % dmg. If you want to run a superconduct DPS, Razor is the clear winner by a mile.

Swirl allows you to group enemies and AoE them down with a combination of your E and burst.

Geo is great when you have a constellation 4 because that’s when Beidou would benefit the most from the Archaic Petra set.

I don’t like overload because while it does deal the rawest damage out of the electro reactions, it displaces enemies backward, which as a close-ranged fighter, means you lose out on damage by having to chase these enemies down.

So if we’re looking at elemental reactions, the priority is:

In addition to elemental reactions, we need to take a quick look at elemental resonance, which is having redundant elements in a single party.

2 Resonance points are good:
High Voltage gives you 100% electro particles/orbs when you trigger an electro reaction. The added energy you gain is very important to maintain a high uptime on her ultimate.

Fervent Flames gives you a flat 25% ATK increase. This is generally good to help boost your Beidou’s dmg, but I rarely find myself running it with Beidou because I’d rather trigger other reactions than Overload.

Beidou Team Comp

Let’s look at all team builds for DPS Beidou. I’ve gone ahead and labeled comps abyss ready if I think that comp is something you can plug and play in the Abyss. Again, because the abyss has different enemies and buffs for each floor, I cannot advise you that these comps will work for all 12 floors. That’s why I also have listed an abyss core for each comp that you can build your teams around based on the circumstances.

Beidou Team #1

I think this is the most versatile build that allows you to do consistent single target damage with your basic attacks while still having Anemo into electro charge to deal with large mobs.

Xingqiu’s burst is awesome with Beidou’s and allows you to instantly proc reactions when your basic attack. He also provides more damage reduction that stacks on with your Beidou burst to provide more tankiness. Xingqiu also acts as your soft healer; however, this may not be sufficient in the Abyss.

Fischl is here to provide more consistent energy regen and the electro resonance that will ensure your Beidou’s burst is online 24/7. Finally, sucrose is my Anemo of choice because she allows you to reach enemies easier in her burst.
If you want to run this into the Abyss, maybe replace Fischl with a traditional healer. I like Bennet the best, but Qiqi and Diona also work really well here.

Beidou Team #2

This is a deviation of comp #1 that focuses more on large AOE and burst damage. We’re forgoing electro resonance here with the purpose of filling in more damage all at once instead of over a long period of time.

Mona is our hydro unit here because she maximizes our AoE electro charge procs and her burst is versatile in that it can act as a crowd control spell against smaller enemies, and act as a massive reflect buff against enemies that can’t be crowd controlled easily. For example, Fatui, Ruin Guards, Ruin Hunters, etc.

Mona’s elemental skill also allows an easier time to get off a max damage Beidou E. Bennet is great because he doubles down as a very good healer if you need and a massive ATK steroid. Playing off both Mona and Bennet buffs will allow you to counter for ridiculous numbers.

Venti is the choice Anemo since he does a more effective job at grouping enemies in a tight space that allows your AoE burst damage to really shine.

Childe is a fine Mona substitute because his passive gives you an extra point in your basic attack talent, and you can still proc riptide splash damage if you kill the unit that has the mark. He can be your sub DPS for when you’re waiting for Beidou’s elemental skill or burst to come back up. Also, because you usually play him with Viridescent Hunt, you’re grouping enemies naturally which will help set up for a massive AoE Beidou counter.

If you’re all about big numbers and shredding mobs in seconds, this is the comp for you. I just have this listed slightly below my best in the slot because it allows Beidou to shine less as a true DPS.

Beidou Team #3

This comp is pretty much comp #1 and #2. However, the playstyle is a bit different here which is why I have listed this as an entirely separate team build.

You’re adding a geo character here for access to more tankiness via shielding as well as the Archaic Petra set. This plays especially well with constellation 4 Beidou since you will deal electro damage every basic attack.

Zhongli over other geo characters because he’s the best geo support and provides the massive utility with his petrify. With Fischl, you’re also generating a lot of energy when Oz is up, so if your Zhongli has access to good energy recharge, you can expect to drop his burst pretty often during a skirmish. Fischl is back in this comp to allow you to play more with Beidou burst, while Mona gives you electro charge while also allowing you to taunt enemies for a huge reflect combo.

However, most of the time you’re looking to tap your Beidou’s elemental skill to gain access to her passive, which gives you extra attack damage and speed with your normal attacks. That’s why I also have Xingqiu listed as a substitute to Mona since you’re going to play more basic attack-oriented.

I think this comp is a happy medium between comp #1 and #2. It focuses on giving you access to big reflect damage against larger opponents, while still dealing a lot of AoE damage against tiny mobs where reflect isn’t as valuable.

Beidou Team #4

I prefer Razor if you want to play a superconduct build, but if you really want to play Beidou, this is the best superconduct version. Fischl again for energy because your burst will give you the max DPS possible. Diona and Qiqi will be your healers and cryo users, I prefer Diona over Qiqi however and I’ll explain that in a second.

Zhongli is great for extra shielding and reliable crowd control. You can also play Xinyan here for her shield and the physical DMG bonus you get from P4 Xinyan.

You play shielding characters like Zhongli and Diona because here you’re focused on building 4 piece bolide with Beidou, giving you a huge boost in your basic attacks. In this version, you’re going to spam tap your E to get the atk and atk speed increase from your passive. Just make sure you’re always applying superconduct and maintaining a shield at all times.

Beidou Team #5

This is my free to play variant and this version focuses on playing around superconduct with the added bonus of creating freeze effects.

Fischl is here again because you’ll be trying for maximum burst uptime. Kaeya is a great superconduct user with his short CDs. Barbara is your bonified healer and your thrilling tales holder. Barbara’s elemental skill and Kaeya’s burst can give you easy access to freeze reactions. A Barbara charged attack into Kaeya’s elemental skill can also create a group freeze. This comp should work well in the Abyss, Floor 12 may be very hard if you’re playing Barbara though.

Thank you for checking out our Beidou team build guide. I’d really like to hear from you guys as to what your favorite team is so far. Comment down below with your current party setup, I’d love to check all of them out. Also, check out this Beidou build guide if you haven’t already!

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Iam using beidou Bennet kaeya sucrose


I am currently going for an electro resonance build + overloaded with barbara as a healer.
Yae miko + Beidou + Yanfei + Barbara

can i use ningguang instead of zhongli

No but Noelle is okay