1. jiue

    Hey there,
    east of the waypoint of Qingyun Peak after the double turn down the mountain there are 4 crystal nodes above a small lake at the side of the mountain. It is accompanied by several frog statues.

  2. mrteo

    thank alot bro

  3. Admin

    thank you for noticing! I already made the change.

  4. Chuck

    In the Cuijue Slope Route the numbers are wrong. 3 is 1 in map, 4 is 2, 5 is 3, 6 is 4, 1 is 5 and 2 is 6. Besides that is a great guide. Congratulations!

  5. Mike

    Awesome guide. SO far – best.

  6. Admin

    there are few crystals outside the cave too and a cor lapis.

  7. Satoshi

    Amazing, thank you very much

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