Beidou DPS And Support Build Guide

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There’s nothing scarier than Beidou’s ultimate counter-attack and the only question that remains is how will you build her?

Beidou Strategy

The important thing you need to understand about her elemental skill is that it becomes a stronger attack if you either take two hits from any incoming enemy attacks or if you’re able to perfectly time it the moment you’re about to get hit.

Just keep in mind that the shield can only absorb a limited amount of hits before it automatically releases the holding state. Also, while you’re exploring the world if you set the grass on fire you can easily trigger the full counter ability of her shield by just standing in the flames.

That’s all you need to do, take two hits from enemy attacks no matter how much damage they deal and unleash the strongest counter-attack.

When it comes to the perfect counter, it’s all about anticipation and practice. There’s no other way to teach this than to observe your enemy attacks and then press the shield at the right time. It helps to think that you’re trying to synchronize your attacks with the enemy by trying to land your own attack at the same time.

Aside from this, she’s pretty much a delightful character to play with especially once you trigger her burst which creates a very similar effect to Electrocharge elemental reaction. Every time any of the party members under the burst effect do a normal or charged attack they will also release a bolt of lightning that travels between enemies that are close to each other. Finally, the last thing that’s interesting to note would be that both of her passive talents heavily depend on you performing those full counters.

So out of all the characters in the game Beidou demands your attention to detail which involves studying your enemy attack patterns and being aware of your surroundings. This is something to keep in mind especially if you’re going to use her as your main damage dealer.

Recommended Weapons

If there’s one thing Beidou loves more than the taste of cold beer then it would be a fine set of equipment to utilize her powerful counterattacks. Luckily, if you’re going to use her as your main damage dealer then you can always depend on the blacksmith to craft you the trusty Prototype Archaic which can carry you through any of the content if you’re out of luck with the weapons from the Gacha system.

If you’re looking to build up her critical rating or damage for those huge numbers, going after Serpent Spine or Blackcliff Slasher will help you out in the long run. And if you’re just starting out you can always use the Debate Club of highest refinement until you can get your hands on a better rarity weapon. This of course goes without saying that any of the five-star claymores you unlock will be insanely good for her.

Now if you’re going to use Beidou as your support character, The Rainslasher is definitely one of those few very specific weapons you can take advantage of, and then there’s always the Sacrificial or Favonious Greatsword which can boost your energy recharge for faster burst activations. For default and still very much functional weapon, you can’t go wrong with Prototype Archaic if you don’t have access to any of these other gotcha weapons.

Recommended Artifacts

There are a few options you can go for if you’re using her as your main damage dealer and the first one will be the easiest recommendation of Gladiator’s Finale full 4 set bonus followed by Thundering Fury and Bloodstained Chivalry mixed with two set bonuses.

The Gladiator’s Finale will power up your normal attacks which are crucial for those characters who take upon the burden of the main damage dealer. While obtaining the full set bonus with good sub stats and main stats is a challenging task, you can always rely on the second option of at least getting the two-set bonuses of Thundering Fury and Bloodstained Chivalry which will give you a nice spread of increased damage for both physical and electro attacks.

There’s also the full Thundersoother set which is only recommended if you can get very good sub stats on the artifacts.

Artifact Stats Priority

For the actual stats, you only want to consider the goblet’s main stat which can either be a physical or electro damage bonus with the latter recommended if you have at least the 4th constellation unlocked for her.

And this finally brings us to her artifacts when you’re using her as a support. The easiest recommendation would be a full set of Noblesse Obliged that more or less gives a lot of value for triggering her burst. But if you’re not able to get good artifact pieces of this set, you can instead go for the two set bonuses of Thundersoother and Gladiator’s Finale which gives a nice boost to her support damage. We can also instead opt-in for two set bonuses of Noblesse Obliged and Thundering Fury as well.

Talents Priority

The final thing to prioritize would be her talent which goes without saying if you use her as your main damage dealer, obviously, focus on her normal attack and if she’s only there to support then you definitely want to level up her burst as much as possible.

In essence, there’s not that much difference between the two roles Beidou can be fitted in. Without the usual boosting of her normal attacks through talents and Gladiators set, you pretty much want to build her critical rating, damage, and if possible energy recharge so she can trigger her bursts more often but then also deliver devastating counter-attacks.

Team Composition

To become a crew member of Beidou’s pirate ship is a dream come true for many characters and luckily enough Beidou also offers amazing synergy capabilities when building a team around her or with her.

A few of the characters that synergize but they’re extremely well would be Xingqiu whose burst is nearly identical to Beidou. So if you’re ever in the mood of producing tons of big damage numbers and also cause electrocharged mayhem on every enemy you come in contact then he is going to be her pirate in crime.

There is also Fischl who helps a lot with energy recharge since Beidou’s burst has a very high cost of 80 points and luckily the midnight princess is not only good at producing the much-needed energy Beidou dreams about but she will also activate the Electro resonance for an even better energy recharge.

And of course, throwing in any of the cryo characters especially someone like Qiqi or Diona will help you out with triggering Superconduct for stronger physical attacks if you’re going to use Beidou as your main damage dealer.

And now that Zhongli got buffed, you can pair him together with her and utilize the 20% reduced enemy resistance from the Jade shield that will let you end up with even nastier counter attacks.

She can be easily fitted into nearly any team combination thanks to her very valuable burst which not only protects teammates but also gives better interruption resistance from enemy attacks. The lightning bolt that jumps between attacks is a great thing to use either with her as your main damage dealer or boosting some other character’s damage in your team.

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While pirates are known for robbing people, Beidou is surprisingly good at stealing your heart with her charming playstyle and awesome ability to counter enemy attacks. It truly feels rewarding to produce those perfect counters and it’s a rare thing to experience where you get a rush of dopamine just when you see the screen darken to let you know that you achieved the perfect counter.

She is also surprisingly good as your main damage dealer although it does take a bit more resources to get her up on the same level compared to someone like Razor who naturally has a better ascension stat which goes into physical damage rather than the electro damage bonus that Beidou has. But that’s where the comparison ends because she has a completely different playstyle compared to the lonely wolf boy.

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I was making Beidou my main dps but just got Keqing from pity. Should I work on Keqing as main dps or Beidou is better?

Objectively, Keqing is way superior than Beidou as DPS. Slap a 4 pcs Thundersoother set and Black Sword or Lion’s Roar and you’re all set.

I got 2 5 stars after making Ning my main and I still have my Ning as main. Just because I love her. So what I want to say is if you made your main Beidou because you like her then keep her. Otherwise change to a 5 star.

It depends on if you have the resources to get Keqing up and running and weapon options. Keqing will scale better than Beidou but obviously you can only get max value if you can level her up.

I’m in the same boat. Beidou is my main DPS and has been since AR 25 or so and I’m currently approaching AR 50. She’s rocking an all 5-star gladiator, electro dmg goblet, with Prototype. My Beidou swings 1.7k phys (on the low end) and ALMOST 20k electro full counter, I should hit the 20k mark very soon. She’s a lot of fun and very viable so my heart says to stay with her. I also pulled Keqing on my pity as well, I find her playstyle also fun but not as fun as Beidous. I plan on building her anyway for physical dmg with two-piece bloodstained and two-piece gladiator. I may put her on a separate team or combining them in one for superconduct hell with Qiqi and Ganyu lol. Overall, if you only want one team, go with who you love playing. Level Keqing to maybe 50 and devote some time to her to see how well she fits with what you like.