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I was making Beidou my main dps but just got Keqing from pity. Should I work on Keqing as main dps or Beidou is better?

Objectively, Keqing is way superior than Beidou as DPS. Slap a 4 pcs Thundersoother set and Black Sword or Lion’s Roar and you’re all set.

I got 2 5 stars after making Ning my main and I still have my Ning as main. Just because I love her. So what I want to say is if you made your main Beidou because you like her then keep her. Otherwise change to a 5 star.

It depends on if you have the resources to get Keqing up and running and weapon options. Keqing will scale better than Beidou but obviously you can only get max value if you can level her up.

I’m in the same boat. Beidou is my main DPS and has been since AR 25 or so and I’m currently approaching AR 50. She’s rocking an all 5-star gladiator, electro dmg goblet, with Prototype. My Beidou swings 1.7k phys (on the low end) and ALMOST 20k electro full counter, I should hit the 20k mark very soon. She’s a lot of fun and very viable so my heart says to stay with her. I also pulled Keqing on my pity as well, I find her playstyle also fun but not as fun as Beidous. I plan on building her anyway for physical dmg with two-piece bloodstained and two-piece gladiator. I may put her on a separate team or combining them in one for superconduct hell with Qiqi and Ganyu lol. Overall, if you only want one team, go with who you love playing. Level Keqing to maybe 50 and devote some time to her to see how well she fits with what you like.