Artifacts And Material Farming Guide

by Admin

In this resin-free artifact and materials farming, I will be showing you the best route to help bolster your supplies for upcoming banner characters. Not only that this allows you to farm up all of your character ascension materials but also a lot of these elite monster drops artifact from time to time which you can use for artifact upgrades or convert for Mora by trashing them.

At the end of the day, we are limited by our resin every day in terms of how many stuffs we can really farm for progression. This is a nice resin-free way to spend about an hour each day just farming a bunch of extra stuff. Also, if you do this with a group of up to 3 other friends, everyone gets their own instance reward and you can hop into each other’s world to farm more stuff with each other.

Farming Route 1

Let us begin the route at the northeast teleporter of Jeuyun Karst with Ruin Guard. Enemies with a black circle around its icon don’t drop artifacts but I still include them on the map since they also drop valuable materials.

farming route 1

Farming Route 2

Start your route at the east teleporter of Tianqui Valley until you reach the Fatui enemy. Next, use the south teleporter to start with the Geovishap and work your way down to Dunyu Ruins.

Farming Route 2

Farming Route 3

Use the west teleporter of Mt. Tianheng, you can clear the Mitachurls and Pyro Abyss first and teleport back to glide down to Ruin Hunter spot and continue the route on the east teleporter of Lingju Pass ending with Pyro Abyss in the cave.

Farming Route 3

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This is very helpful, thank you.

Essas rotas eram bem tops, pena que não atualizaram e nem adicionaram mondstat :/

thanks for this and your other daily artifact farming route guide. just wondering if you do all 3 routes once, how many artifacts on average do you actually get?

followed this guide and received 1-2 artifacts on all 3 routes. it’s a pretty low drop rate so don’t expect very many. i was at world level 6 ar 50 at the time.

Do you think it’s possible to have a Mondstat version as well in the future?

I use this everyday and it’s great, thanks for the hard work!

Where is the one on yao guang shoal?