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In this guide, will be going over how to complete the world quest “And This Treasure Goes To…” located in Lingju Pass in Genshin Impact. Completing this quest will reward you 40 Primogems, 300 Adventure Rank EXP, 10,000 Mora, and 2 Hero’s Wit.

Activating The Quest

To start the quest, you have to go to the West part of Lingju Pass. There’s a Treasure Hoarder camp and an NPC (Alrani) who is trapped in a cage.

Defeat all the Treasure Hoarder in this camp and a chest with a key will spawn near the wooden crates. Use that key to open up the cage and Alrani will ask you to find a treasure buries underneath the giant tree.

Collecting The Treasure

Look for the giant golden tree in the middle of Linju Pass and Mine the dirt spot next to it to spawn the Luxurious chest. You will also receive 1 of 3 Nameless Treasure which you can trade in the Antique Shop located in Liyue Harbor.

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