Genshin Impact 1.1 Update News And 5 New Features

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After the recent Chinese live stream, Mihoyo has finally revealed five new exciting features that are coming to the latest Genshin Impact 1.1 update planned to be released on November 11th, 2020.

Reputation System

The first most important feature that’s coming in 1.1 will be the reputation system. Mondstadt city will be joined by a new character that will give out various tasks and activities which will award you with reputation experience points. You can earn these points from exploring the Mondstadt region, accepting unique commission quests from the city residents, and defeating various monsters.

Just from completing these tasks, you will earn the much-needed rewards like Mora and it also seems to be this won’t cost any resin although this still needs to be confirmed. If these tasks won’t require players to spend resin, this means there will finally be a new source of resources besides the daily commissions but most importantly earning these points will raise your reputation level with the city and you unlock various rewards which include a custom glider, new player portraits, and the most exciting part quality of life items that will help you explore the world more easily.

Quality Of Life

It’s clear that while gentian impact is a giant accomplishment for free to play genre, there are still much quality of life things missing from the game. As mentioned before, as you progress through the reputation system of Mondstadt you unlock new devices that can be crafted at the alchemy table.

One of them being the Anemoculus Resonance Stone which can be activated by the player and any of the Anemoculi you’re missing out on will show up on your map. This is a true blessing for players who are stuck on one or two Anemoculi and are struggling to find them.

Another important device will be a portable teleporter which you can place on any part of the map and teleport to it at any time you want. It’s not clear if you will be able to have more than one of them on the map and whether they will expire or not but at least they will make your journey significantly easier by finally skipping all of those annoying trips to the Wolf Boss or traveling between the islands of Guyun Stone forest.

However, probably the most exciting feature of them all will be the treasure locator which is going to make those treasure hunting sessions easier. We will finally have a tool that lets us hunt those pesky treasure chests. Just keep in mind this device specifically only shows treasure in the Mondstadt region.

Finally, if you ever feel like you’re missing out on food, you can now summon a portable food station and if you have trouble climbing hard to reach locations you will also have access to another device which will give you a wind current similar to the one Venti creates from his elemental skill.

All in all a lot of exciting new items that will surely make the lives of every new player easier not to mention these devices are also going to be of great help for the Veterans alike.

Childe Boss Fight

Get ready to face the coolest foe in the game. Childe is going to be joining the list of world bosses. It’s not clear why exactly someone as friendly as him will be fighting the traveler but at least he does it with style. Although not much has been said about this boss fight during the Chinese Livestream it does seem to be there’s going to be a proper introduction in the update as to why exactly we will be fighting Childe.

Limited Event

A new limited-time event will be introduced in 1.1 which is going to revolve around Fischl and Mona. What’s even more exciting is that it seems to be you’ll be getting Fischl for free as shown during the Chinese live stream. So anyone who has missed out on her will finally get to unlock one of the best characters in the game.

It also seems to be that’s not the only reward you’ll be getting as you will be able to compete in this event’s cooperative battles which will reward you with various resources. It’s not clear whether you can complete these challenges solo or you will need to join other players but at least it’s obvious enough to see that this will cost resin to participate at least from the shown footage we saw.

This also means that we can probably expect more battle pass quests or even more unseen rewards since you will need to spend resin and a lot of events in gacha games reward players for spending their limited resources in exchange for awesome rewards.

New Characters

Finally, the most exciting part was left at the end because it seems to be 1.1 updates that will be coming out with four new exciting characters.

The first one is going to be fan-favorite Zhongli who is going to be a 5-star geo character that shows off his insane skills by summoning a gigantic meteor and what seems to be petrifying his enemies after they collide with the giant boulder of death. He can also summon some sort of pillar that will pulsate and deal periodic damage to nearby enemies so he’s probably going to want to fight the enemies nearby the pillar to charge up his deadly meteor attack.

The second one is going to be Childe or in this case, going by another name of Targtalia. He is a 5-star hydro character that’s going to be a pure offense that has been not seen yet in any of the hydro characters. His design looks to be very interesting since even though he is a bow user he can activate his elemental skill and switch to water blades turning all of his attacks into melee. What’s even cooler is that he will have two versions of his ultimate burst. One version will be when he’s using the bow and one when he’s equipped with his hydro blades.

The next character is Xinyan who is going to be a 4 star Pyro character that uses her claymore to mow down her enemies. This rockstar lady can create a shield around herself that will not only protect her but also damage the enemies around her. As for her finishing burst move, she creates a giant explosion similar to the one you see on a live concert and sets her enemies on fire.

Finally, if you are unlucky to get Qiqi or Klee as your first tiny character then Fiona is going to try to rectify this situation.

She is a 4 star Cryo unit that specializes in healing her allies. Her elemental skill shoots out a freezing attack that can also be charged up into a more powerful version similar to what razer can do with this claw attack. For her elemental burst, she creates a field of healing and also seems to damage the enemies inside of it.

Overall, these characters are finally starting to flash out the game and while some are more complex than others it’s still exciting to see what more new and unique character designs we will get to experience in the future.

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